Directress' Message

Dear Friends: Sisters, Priests, Brothers, Teachers, Students, Parents, Alumnae and Benefactors,
Greetings to all,

First of all, allow me to spread the good news to you all that IPDC will be reactivating its website which was first published in 2013. Currently IPDC prepares itself through a series of programs and activities in order to celebrate the Anniversary of XVI years (Dias Nataliz) in September 10, 2019.

We are grateful for the grace of God, the source of life and love. Throughout the years he has formed and educated us to be “Timorese Canossian agents of transformation for a stronger Timor-Leste”. We are all happy and rejoice when we witness the growth of the institution. We are also thankful to the almighty for his guidance through the presence of each teacher, benefactors, parents, students, alumnae, etc, who take part in the development of IPDC until this present-day.

Now is the right time for all members who take shelter at the IPDC, to reflect on their true identity as Canossian educators. Of course it's not an easy task, but a noble call for each member starts from the management and reaches out to our janitors, to walk in the same rhythm based on the mission of the institution that is understood by all.

On the 19-20 of July, 2019 all staff will gather at Dare retreat house in order to 'deepen the sense of communion among the staff'. While stressing the important aspects: “Where are we as an Institution and what will guarantee us to keep moving forward? Who and what become our priorities?

These questions will guide each stakeholder and collaborator to look back on their initial motivation and the reason they wanted to be a Canossian educator. We are called to serve, and only those have experienced being a servant are able to serve others. Saint Magdalene our foundress and protector will intercede us, enlighten us with her seed of wisdom and may all members of IPDC grow with each passing day, grounded by their Institutional core values.

Viva Santa Madalena de Canossa Viva Sisters, Teachers, Students, Alumnae, Parents, Benefactors and everyone.

With Love and Prayers
Sr. Ervinia Martins Brito, FdCC
Directress of IPDC

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